White Ice Moon Rock


White Ice Moon Rock

buy weed onlineBlue Moon Rocks brings a set of effects that’s to be expected from an indica-dominant hybrid along with flavors that are more than delicious. how to buy weedHard to find across the United States, you’ll want to cherish this strain as if it did come from the moon itself.



White Ice Moon Rock

Blue Moon Rocks by BOG Seeds is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between Blue Moon and BOG Bubble. moon rock weedIt has a sweet blueberry lavender aroma and calming full-body effects.

About Blue Moon Rocks

The team at BOG Seeds is a powerhouse of breeding, cranking out one hit strain after another. is weed legal in californiaBlue Moon Rocks falls right in line with their other award-winning strains, White Ice Moon Rock, and by crossing BOG Bubble and Blue Moon, types of weedsthey’ve developed a delicious bud that soothes your body and relaxes your mind.

Buckle up – Blue Moon Rocks is not for the faint of heart. weed farmIn fact, it’s advised that newer users steer completely clear of this strain, as it clocks in at a consistent 24% THC level. weed grinderNugs are sticky and fairly dense, and with a dusting of trichomes and blue and purple tones, they do look as if they came from the moon itself. gorilla glue weedAs the name might suggest, the flavors are out of this world, blending lavender, blueberry, and tea into one delicious puff.

If you take a hit of Blue Moon Rocks, prepare for your face to hurt by the end of the night from all of the smiling you’ll be doing. natural weed killerThis strain is known for inducing social behavior that’s coupled with complete happiness and euphoria. weed dispensary near meStrong body effects are a nod to its indica-dominant lineage, and you’ll notice a bold yet calming body buzz throughout the experience. weed eaters for saleCreative users will feel inspired to complete their work of art, and those who have had a long day will welcome the relaxation they feel.

Strong THC levels are almost always a slam dunk for the treatment of medical conditions, and Blue Moon Rocks aims to please. weed pipes for salePotent against chronic pain, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, and nausea, it’s viewed as a cure-all by those who are searching for relief. weed wackers for saleAs it’s a pretty couch lock inducing strain, users also rely on Blue Moon Rocks to help them fall asleep fast and wake up feeling refreshed. weed bongs for saleLet even the most stressful day melt away with the strong high it produces.

Found mostly on the West Coast and in Arizona, this strain prefers dry climates if you choose to grow her outdoors. weed edibles for saleIf you choose to cultivate her inside, you’ll be pleased to find that she grows into a short plant that doesn’t require much maintenance. weed edibles for sale onlineAfter 8 to 9 weeks, you’ll be ready to harvest a nice yield. weed for sale onlineGreat for beginners, Blue Moon Rocks is resistant to molds and mildews.

Save some of this strain for a special occasion or use it regularly for a night of relaxation – either way, you’ll be in for a treat. buy weed onlineBlue Moon Rocks brings a set of effects that’s to be expected from an indica-dominant hybrid along with flavors that are more than delicious. how to buy weedHard to find across the United States, you’ll want to cherish this strain as if it did come from the moon itself.

Strain Name : White Ice Moon Rock
Grade: A++
Type: Indica
Looks: white. well dried no seeds
Taste: sour and real purple. Overpowering berry aftertaste on this strain
Effects: This strain is very heavy on the eyes, weed vaporizereven if your not feeling tired after smoking it, your eyes feel heavy enough that it is nice to close them for a minute, and before you know it you will be takin a nap. buy real weed onlineNot a work friendly strain by any means..but she sure gets the job done!

The indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain Blue Moon Rocks produces a skunky yet sweet scent and flavor reminiscent of berries with some claiming undertones of lavender. sativa side effectsIts harvest-ready buds are dense and round, best indica strainscovered with sticky resin and purple hues.

THC levels of this strain have known to reach 24% and average not far from this number. indica strainsIts high willproduce a strong yet calming body buzz that uplifts the spirits and induces a state of relaxation. lagerstroemia indicaTheconsumer will be transported to a euphoric state while sleepiness ensues, making this strain best forevenings and night. cannabis sativaIt can relieve mild muscle spasms and chronic pain, along with headaches and a badmood.

Cottonmouth and dry eyes are to be expected, White Ice Moon Rock, with some reviewers noting some small bouts ofparanoia or anxiousness.

It takes seven to eight weeks for Blue Moon Rocks to full flower, producing your average yields

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