Skunk Korean Strain


Skunk Korean Strain

Cannabis oil uses, Big Skunk Korean’s hash-flavored smoke can be cough-inducing. what is cannabis oil, Its taste of spices is harsh on the throat, and it will take another swig for its soft floral undertones to balance out the palate.



Skunk Korean Strain

Big Skunk Korean is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through a powerful three-way cross of the infamous Skunk #1 X Big Bud X Korean strains. cannabis oil benefits, Although the exact indica to sativa ratio varies based on breeder practices, this bud is sought after for its heavy indica effects and cerebral stone. cannabis oil cartridge, The high starts with a calming lift that leaves you happy and relaxed with a sense of lazy tranquility and slight creative energy.

cannabis oil for pain, This slowly fades into a subtle couch-lock that isn’t too sedative but still leaves you hungry and at ease from head to toe. cannabis oil for sale, As the high builds, you’ll become more and more introspective and spacey, not able to focus on anything around you. buy cannabis oil online, These effects coupled with its THC level that typically hits above 19% make Big Skunk Korean perfect for treating conditions such as appetite loss, chronic stress or anxiety, fatigue, chronic pain, and depression.

This bud steals its appearance from its Big Bud and Skunk parents, with oversized lumpy popcorn-shaped nugs that have a deep purple color to them and a super thick and frosty coating of trichomes and sticky sweet resin. Like the name suggests, cannabis oil cures cancer, Big Skunk Korean has a heavy powerful pungent skunky aroma with hints of hashy earth. The taste is a bit lighter,…

Big Skunk Korean is supposedly a mix of Big Bud, Skunk #1, and Korean genetics originating in the western U.S., possibly Oregon, though it is unclear when it was created and by whom. cannabis oil for seizures, It was used by SOMA in many of his breeding projects and is listed as a parent strain for Somativa, Kahuna, Lavender and Somango, among others.

Big Skunk Korean is a mysterious strain, yet it continues to entice users everywhere. It has a long-lasting energizing buzz that uplifts the mood as well as improve sociability. what is cannabis oil, Its stimulating effects also extend to the body it allows users to complete tasks or stay productive throughout the day.

Supposedly, one of the strains used to create Big Skunk Korean is an unnamed Korean landrace. While there is no information on the indigenous variety’s involvement in its lineage, the rest of its lineage is an open book. From Big Bud, it gained its humungous buds and increased trichome production. Skunk No. 1, on the other hand, contributed to its offspring’s high-energy head to toe high

Though elusive, Big Skunk Korean earns a reputation for being a potent bud. Its THC levels average up to 19% with some batches going beyond. how to use cannabis oil, Hence, it has always been used as a grower’s strain. Since its introduction, breeders from SOMA have produced Lavender, Kahuna, Somativa, and Somango.


Big Skunk Korean is an Indica-leaning strain with dominantly Sativa effects. It induces a powerful head high with minimal chances of a couch lock. Neither does it have sedating properties that lull users to bed. If anything, the only indicator of its lineage is its slow-starting high

Instead of a head-slamming start, it induces a gentle rush of energy that is barely noticeable at first. However, it gradually intensifies into a continuous rush of euphoria that uplifts the mood after its onset settles. The mental clarity creates free headspace for thoughts to flow and form smoothly. how to make cannabis oil, It inspires a creative buzz that encourages a hearty appetite too.

A light pressure from the temples trickles to the toes. cannabis oil vape pen, It frees the body of tension and tightness as it surges through the muscles. cannabis oil uses, Users are able to complete tasks like a well-oiled machine. Although intense, it does not plant a heaviness in the limbs that lock one to the couch.

With that said, Big Skunk Korean is best used in the morning or early afternoon. It has impressive wake-and-bake qualities that not only enhance the mood but also inspire creativity. Taking a few puffs will likely lead to a fun-filled day or increased productivity.


Due to its high levels of THC, Big Skunk Korean is exceptionally fragrant. It has pungent notes of spicy hash that are complemented by its subtle floral undertones. Crushing then combusting the buds, on the other hand, reveals its skunky overtone.


Big Skunk Korean’s hash-flavored smoke can be cough-inducing. Its taste of spices is harsh on the throat, and it will take another swig for its soft floral undertones to balance out the palate. On the exhale, it leaves a skunky aftertaste that lingers for hours.

Adverse reactions

Due to its moisture-inhibiting cannabinoids, a cottonmouth is a common reaction to smoking Big Skunk Korean. Seasoned users usually ignore it due to its mildness. buy cannabis oil online, However, beginners who find the persistent side effects uncomfortable may down a few glasses of water throughout the day to manage the dry spell.


Without a doubt, Big Skunk Korean is an impressive recreational strain. It delivers an uplifting high that assures users of a good time. However, it is the same psychedelic buzz that manages symptoms of chronic stress and mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Its serene euphoria calms the overwhelming dread and feelings of hopelessness that stressors trigger

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