Nukem Strain


Nukem Strain

California marijuana, Because each cannabis strain is so complex and different from one another, sativa and indica, it is hard to classify the three phenotypes or variants by their effects alone.



Nukem Strain

A lovely strain that derives from Shishkaberry X God bud. lagerstroemia indica, It has a strong pungent aroma of sweetness with earthy undertones. marijuana legalization, Beautiful round buds that are quite dense and covered in THC trichomes. sativa and indica, Ideal for patients with Chronic pain, Depression or Insomnia.

Named after a crass, over the top, supremely confident alien-killing videogame character, the Duke Nukem  strain was created by Cabin Fever Seed Breeders. sativa side effects, It was bred by crossing one of their male Chemmando plants with a female Chernobyl from TGA Subcool Seeds. best sativa strains, The strain’s lineage includes several well-known strains: marijuana dispensary, Mendo Purps, Trainwreck, and Jack the Ripper to name a few. DN’s cerebral effects may induce creativity, happiness, and a fit of the giggles.

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Suitable for daytime use, this mostly Sativa strain is effective for easing headaches and migraines. It can stabilize mood and help manage stress and anxiety. marijuana seeds for sale, It can also stimulate appetite and help people with chronic fatigue to feel more energized.

Buy Nukem Strain online | Nukem Strain for sale | Nukem Strain

DN can grow easily either indoors or out. It is suitable for all growers, regardless of experience. It has two particular phenotypes. marijuana edibles for sale, The more Chemmando-like phenotype will stay shorter, but stretch about 50% of its size when flowering. sativa and indica, The Chernobyl-like phenotype will stretch to about 75% of its original height when flowering. sativa vs indica chart, Flowering finishes in nine to eleven weeks.

Duke Nukem is an amazing daytime cure for stress, anxiety, headaches, fatigue, mood swings and loss of appetite. The aroma is a pleasant blend of earthy sweetness and tropical punch with hints of skunk like scent. The strain has a delicious mint and lavender flavor and leaves an orange aftertaste. marijuana for sale online, It works great for artists who have trouble focusing.

Duke Nukem may be named after a video game character who spends his days obliterating “alien bastards,” but this strain is a lot more laidback than its action hero namesake. marijuana clones for sale, The mostly sativa hybrid produces an active mental high that is uplifting and may have you feeling more creative than commando. It’s a cross between Chemmando and Chernobyl and flowers in 9 to 11 weeks. medical marijuana, The strain is a fairly easy plant to grow and should give medium to high yields. california marijuana, Its buds are known to be especially colorful with shades of frosty pinks and oranges. Careful not to confuse this strain with Nuken, which is a different indica dominant hybrid.

Duke Nukem

This devastatingly potent hybrid strain received its namesake after the heroic planet saver, but it’s more relaxing and mellow than the name suggests. Cabin Fever Seed Breeders originally created the strain Duke Nukem with the intentions of creating a perfect cerebral, high-energy and invigorating sativa or hybrid strain that would be ideal for day-time use. This resulted in them crossbreeding a male Chemmando plant with TGA Subcool Seeds’ female Chernobyl strain, which were sought out for their euphoric, uplifting and inspiring effects.

Laboratory tests show that the average THC concentration of this strain range from 17%-21%, which is moderately higher than average for a sativa-dominant hybrid flower. difference between indica and sativa, Many medicinal users and recreational smokers revere this hybrid for its happy and creative high, which they find relaxing and welcoming enough to enjoy in any occasion. sativa and indica, The diversity found within these genetics can be held responsible for creating very unique and rare flavours that are atypical of many sativa or hybrid strains. A berry-like sweetness found within Mendo Purps and fruity notes similar to Jack the Ripper blend well with the pungent, diesel-like aroma of Chemmando to create a bold, pungent terpene profile that is unlike any other.

What is Weed

Once upon a time, cannabis consumption was considered a  taboo act, and unacceptable in society. These days, the appeal of marijuana is stronger than ever, and the act of smoking marijuana itself is a very common occurrence – even Bill Clinton once admitted to trying the ganja saying “I didn’t inhale it, and never tried it again.” Studies done on cannabis usage in America have shown that 64% of Americans are in support of the legalization of marijuana nationwide. indica vs sativa vs hybrid, Lucky for us Canadians, the Cannabis culture is widely accepted and even openly celebrated. Our relaxed attitude and values towards weed has embedded cannabis as a norm in Canadian society.

Indica vs Sativa

With thousands of years of history and such a wide abundance of strains available, it is important to know the differences between indica, sativa and even hybrid strains to find out what is most suitable for your own personal needs. Simply put, indica strains and sativa strains differ in their physiological effects and their appearance. Hybrid strains are the result of cross-breeding both an indica strain and a sativa strain together to create a new strain in itself. is marijuana legal in california, Because each cannabis strain is so complex and different from one another, it is hard to classify the three phenotypes or variants by their effects alone.

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